Capture amazing images and video from a whole new perspective with the H117S Zino Ultra HD 4K Quadcopter from HUBSAN. Whether you’re a photographer, videographer, or just want some stunning vacation shots to share on social media, the Zino can give you up to 4K video quality via the built-in 3-axis gimbal camera. A remote controller is included with the Zino, which lets you operate the drone via dual control sticks and your smartphone (up to 3.2″ wide) with the X-HUBSAN app installed.


Through the controller, you can perform a variety of flight modes and functions with the Zino. You can take 360° panoramic videos, follow a specific subject, follow a custom flight plan, and more. Thanks to built-in GPS, you can fly the Zino stress-free, as multiple fail-safes and a “Return to Home” function helps to keep the Zino safe. With a folding arm and blade design, the Zino is compact and can be taken almost anywhere you want to capture jaw-dropping aerial photos and video.


Line FlyYou can set a custom angle and direction via the app and have the Zino fly in a straight line

Image TrackingSelect a subject and Zino will work to keep it centered in the shot as it moves

WaypointSet a custom flight plan with waypoints on the map and Zino will use its built-in GPS to fly it and return

360° PanoramaFly the Zino to the location in the sky of your choice and tap a button to have it rotate in midair, capturing a 360° panoramic video

Return to HomeWith a tap in the app, you can have the Zino return home and land in the same spot it took off from

Loss Control Fail-SafeIf the remote signal is lost for 3 seconds the Zino will return to home; if the connection is re-established, you can cancel the return flight

Low Battery Fail-SafeOn a low battery the Zino will attempt to return home, or land where it is if the battery is too low or if there’s no GPS signal

Headless ModeHeadless orientation mode allows you to pilot the Zino relative to the controller; push forward, and the drone goes away from you, regardless of where the camera is pointed

Intelligent Flight Battery………………………………………….

Brushless Motors…………………………………………..