Wooden Learning Bead Maze Cube 5 in 1 Activity Center Educational Toy



How can a parent help their young children to learn, when the children only want to play? The answer of course is to make learning fun. This learning cube is designed specifically for this purpose, also made to last long thanks to the wood it’s made from and will also come to you pre-assembled.  And if you need any extra room to store your baby’s toys than know you can take the top off to use the box for extra storage.

The brightly multicolored wood box will provided 5 games that will be both an entertaining and a learning experience for your young child to enjoy all day long. Your toddlers will play Tic tac toes like they would on a playground set, they can learn to count using the the counting frame side like they would do back in ancient times or by using the domino sides to actually see numbers, the last side is a puzzle that will help your kid learn to identify shapes, on top they will find a sliding beads that they could race with a friend.

Size is 9″ x 9″ x 9″

All material are strict to Toys Safety Standards ASTM F963-11 in US