Willys MB Jeep "Japan Police Reserve Corps" with "Godzilla" Facade Diorama "Godzilla 65th Anniversary" (1954-2019) "Johnny Lightning 50th Anniversary" 1/64 Diecast Model Car by Johnny Lightning




You might know him from “Godzilla king of monsters” and the other movies in the recent Godzilla film series. Some of you might know him from Godzilla 1998, but his story goes further back. The Godzilla franchise has grown since his Godzilla 1954 premier; with Godzilla toys, T.V. shows, and more from the giant lizard.

BRAND NEW IN BOX (Blister Pack)!! In 2019 to celebrate Godzillas 64th anniversary, Johnny Lightning diecast cars had created 1/64 scale diecast model of Godzilla smashing through a city chasing a Willys MB Jeep “Japan Police Reserve Corps”. The diecast model car is detailed inside and out to match the Japan Police Reserve Corps from “Godzilla 1954” including authentic rubber tires. The diecast Godzilla is detailed with poly-resin relief to match Godzilla 1954.

Godzilla Dimensions are 4.5in by 1.25in by 4in

Willys MB Jeep is 2.5in long