What do you see here? is it an elegant looking design for sun glasses? are they a pair spy glasses with camera to record the action that happens around you? The answer is yes, these camera sunglasses are as functional as they are stylish.

You read that earlier these are also spy recording glasses for you to carry out your own personal recognizant missions.

-These glasses have quality polarized lens, to keep your eyes safe from the sun and keep you looking  smooth.

-Video recording sunglasses are a great way of recording video, because they will show the world from your point of view.

-These are not only recording glasses they are multi-functional, because you will also get detachable headphones to use when you wear these glasses so you can also listen music & audio books. Load your music, audio books, etc. (in Mp3 format) by loading them from your computer into the sunglasses USB port.

-The recording glasses them selves have a 2.5 mega pixels pinhole CMOS hidden camera for clear digital video recording and still pictures in 720p HD.

-The extended memory slot for TF/Micro SD cards that can hold up to a 32GB TF Memory card (not included). Now you can record 4-5 hours worth of video.

-These can be used as recording glasses are shock resistant and user friendly with an operation button for easy control. This makes them perfect for recording any outdoor event like sports no matter how extreme they might be.

-The battery can charged with the charging cable (included)

When you want what you’ve recorded you watch on any screen computer in full HD 720p.