All the fun of life size bowling shrunk down to fit on your tabletop so you can stay safe at home while enjoying the sport in your own way.

Beat the stress in the middle of the work day by Bowling right at your table with this real looking miniature Bowling alley..! The rules are same as regular bowling, adjust the metal ramp to the position you want then roll the ball down to knock down the pins. The more pins you knockdown the higher you score. HIGH SCORE WINS!! The ally is made from all natural wood (The color of the wood might differ from the image, but product is the same), with the pins being metal. Have a playful vibe going during lunch breaks with colleagues..have fun and games right at the lunch table, strike pins after pins and cheer for each other !!

Miniature bowling ally dimensions are 12in x 4in x 0.5in, While each pin has a height of 1.5in, and the bowling ball’s height is 0.5in.

*****Beware of the choking hazard, keep away from kids under 3 years due to mini parts.*****