Finally something about Christmas is made easy!

Every year around Christmas time people struggle to untangle and then hang up their outdoor Christmas lights over their homes. Then the day after Christmas they have to take down those Outdoor Christmas Lights, put them away and the lights get tangled all over again. Now people can skip this hassle and still express their holiday spirit thanks to the STAR GALA A LASER SHARP MINIATURE LIGHTS.

The Star Gala A Laser Sharp Miniature Lights will shine a bright laser light that covers an area of almost 60ft by 60ft, this way you can have even more lights across your home with less effort. The waterproof lights will work outside & inside your home, on any surface.

Star Gala A Laser Sharp Miniature Lights.  This laser-sharp lights will shine your home without haveing to put up all those miniature lights this Holiday season.  This powerfull laser light covers almost 60ft x 60ft area and fill them up with thousands of lights that will truly brighten your home.  Use them on walls , trees , indoor or outdoor fully waterproof and works non stop. The lights will be a mix of Red and Green, and can shine onto a surface from a range between 5ft to 30ft.

Outdoor Stake & DC Power plug are included

Work smarter not harder this holiday season

Laser Source: Red-100mw@650nm / Green-20mw@532nm