Skill 2 Snap Model Kit Speed Racer Mach 5 1/25 Scale Model by Polar Lights



Speed Racer is one of the fastest racers in cartoon history. Some people probably first heard of him because of his cartoon “Speed Racer 1967”, but whether you’re an old speed racer fan or a new speed racer fan you know his car the Mach 5. Help speed racer race to the future by building the Mach 5 for him.

This a 1/25 scale model car kit for Speed Racer’s Mach 5 race car, made of plastic and made by Polar Lights. This is a snap together model kit, meaning no glue is needed, so it won’t be too hard to assemble unless otherwise indicated. Comes with more than 54 detailed pieces and some of the small parts are chrome plated, parts will be molded in white, no paint is required. The black vinyl tires have metal axles and will roll with the car. The inside of the car is detailed oriented and the sticker (included) will make the outside just as detailed. An optional bubble top will also be included in the car model kit.

This is one of the best model car kits for adults, because it can trigger that nostalgic feeling in your heart, this feeling will be assisted by the vintage style packaging.