Skill 2 Snap Model Kit 1966 Batmobile with Batman and Robin Figurines "Batman" (1966-1968) Classic TV Series 1/25 Scale Model by Polar Lights



From the Batman 1966 Television show behold a miniature kit model of the 1966 Batmobile including action figures of the dynamic duo Batman and Robin. This kit comes at 1/25 the size of the Batmobile and can easy to assembly by snapping the pieces together (No need to glue anything). Both the Batmobile and action figures are pre-painted (although some paint may be required to match the photo) . The inside of the car accurate to the inside of the real thing. This model was manufactured by Polar Lights to captured every last detail of George Barris’s design for the the original

Inside the model kit you will find:

    • All plastic pieces to complete model,

    • 2 Metal Axles

    • 4 Screws

    • Decal Sheet

    • Instructions