Skill 2 Model Kit 1927 Ford T Vintage Police Car 1/25 Scale Model by AMT



The make and model of this car is a Ford patrol engine stock model “T” Vintage Police Car from 1927 (skill 2) 1/25 to scale modeling kit for adults, Retro deluxe reproduction packaging made by AMT.

This is High speed chase “Fronty” D.O.H.C., with expanded decal and chrome plated parts.

Package includes 4 black vintage vinyl tires with metal axes, a spare tire, a megaphone, side mirrors, a flashlight, sawed-off shotgun, chief’s radiator star, a “plated” siren, side curtains, 2 helmets, and 2 nightsticks. Sorry to say that paint and cement are not included in this modeling kit, but they are required.

The police have always been an important part of how our society works, and as time has gone by their equipment has improved. This model car kit is a reminder of what police were working with from decades ago. They worked with ford car models in order to patrol their cities and chase down the bad guys. While the police are far from perfect, this AMT model car kit is a reminder of what they are suppose to represent, as well as a reminder of how far our automotive industry has come.