Rose Gold Bluetooth Headset Wireless In-ear Headset Sports Music Headset



1、        Item No.: TS-100

2、        Bare metal weight: single 4 grams and two 8 grams

3、        Weight of charging compartment with earphones: 42 grams

4、        In-box weight: 123 grams

5、        Packing size 100m’m*100m’m*36m’m

6、        Applicable occasions: weddings, birthdays, festivals, trade fairs

7、        Color: luxury black, rose gold

8、          Life time: 10 (hours)

1、Ergonomic design, professional tuner tuning, independent audio sharing, shocking heavy bass, clear mid and high frequencies, and immersive audio-visual enjoyment. Black and white color matching, technological lines, Nordic street fashion graffiti design.

  1. The Bluetooth 5.0 chip has strong compatibility, faster and more stable transmission speed. The smart zone is equipped with a variety of Bluetooth devices with lower functions, while ensuring a barrier-free transmission distance of 10 meters. Master-slave switching, independent dual-core, automatic second connection,
  2. Take out the existing connection, automatic pairing, smart Bluetooth connection, smart Bluetooth connection settings, after the first connection, take out the headset to automatically connect, and return it to the warehouse to automatically disconnect

.4. Using silicone ear caps, comfortable to wear, dual pickups, clearer calls, wider range, daily waterproof and sweat-proof, unlimited possibilities for enjoyment, compact and exquisite, convenient to carry in any space