Portable Kids Outdoor Game Play Children Toy Tent Ocean Ball Pit Pool Black Side



This tent doubles as a ball pit for your children to have fun while staying safe in a secure area. Children will not only have a fort, but their own personal ball pit like the ones you might find at Chuck E Cheese. This tent is collapsable making for easy transportation, made from 190T polyester fabric makes it not only environmentally friendly and waterproof, but also easy to wash for when your kid makes a mess in it. The Tents size makes it ideal for indoor as well as outdoor play and allows children to move through it easily. The ball pit is 47in long and 23in wide, giving children room to bounce around. If your kid has loads of energy, then this gift will be positive way for them to release that energy by running and crawling all over it, while swimming around in the ball pit.

What energetic child would not want to have a fort with its ball pit in it?

Dimensions: 19in by 19in by 19in

weighing .3 pounds