A portable phone charger that holds up to 20,000 max, giving it the ability to completely charge any device without difficulty and still have room for more. This is the best portable charger for anybody who’s always using a device whether it’s their iphone, laptop, tablet, etc. This is a portable solar charger gains power from every source of light in the area so it’s always charging itself, wireless charging is always a plus for a good power bank.

However, this is more than just a portable charger for your smart devices, because it’s great for outdoor use, especially if you’re a camper. A flashlight is built in with dual LED beams that can reach 300ft. It’s also shockproof as well as waterproof to protect itself from outside forces. It even has a built in compass so you can’t get lost. Finally this charger can latch onto any bag thanks to the carabiner hook.

All these features while only weighing in at 10oz, this is item that can be loved both people who prefer the peaceful indoors and the great outdoors.