Indoor and Outdoor Height Adjustable Basketball Hoop with Ball / Pump Blue



A love for the game of basketball starts at a young age. This basketball rack is meant for little kids to develop their future skills early in life, while also improving their social skills, & coordination. Its height can be adjusted between 2.4ft to 3.7 ft, this makes it perfect for indoor use. The rack comes with a Jr sized basketball and a pumper to inflate it. To keep the rack stable make sure you fill the base with water or sand. Made from HDPE PP Matetial and is certified ASTM F963 CPSIA.

Help your kids stay active and healthy before they discover the power of screens. Who knows your little athlete might be part of an all star team in the future.

This Basketball rack is recommended for kids ages 1 to 5 years old

Package dimensions 24in by 9.8in by 44in

Dimensions once assembled 17.5in by 22.2in by 53.5in