HBX-11 Portable Beech Sketch Box with Easel 36*27*11.5cm Wood Color



Are you or somebody you know an aspiring artist? or maybe you’re just somebody who likes to draw in your free time. No matter if it’s a for your career or a hobby if any part of loves to do art then you will need an Easel and a case/box to carry around your art material in.

The inside of the case is divided into 5 separate slots to hold your supplies; paint brushes, paint, pencils, erasers, etc. The Easel’s height  is simple to adjust to a height of 24in for painting purposes and to an angle that suits your comfort.

This item is made from High-graded beech wood so it’s durable and weighs less than 4lbs so it’s easy to transport like any briefcase.

14.17in x 10.63in