Harry Potter & 1959 Ford Anglia 1:24 Die Cast Vehicle with Figure



Harry Potter of gryffindor has taken the Weasley’s family car (first seen in harry potter and the chamber of secrets), a Light Blue (Weathered) 1959 Ford Anglia, to look for some missing Hogwarts students. Ron and Hermione are searching different parts of the wizarding world so for now harry is alone.

Jada diecast has created a 1/24 scale diecast models (with some plastic parts), of the Weasley’s car. The diecast model cars are finely detailed inside & out (plus the engine compartment) a functioning trunk, hood, and doors. The diecast model car also have authentic rubber tires. Also included is a 2.5in tall figure of Harry Potter himself, with his wand ready to battle Lord Voldemort and the death eaters. Please be aware that the manufacturer may change the packaging at anytime, but the product will always be exactly the same.

Dimensions are 7.25in by 3in by 2.75in