Guidecraft Wedgies Career Set



Does your child know what they want to be when they grow up?

Chances are they probably don’t, but we know that your kid can grow to be anything they want to be. Guidecraft Blocks created the Wedgies Career Set to help encourage children to pursue their dreams. We know your children will each have to overcome different obstacles, but we want to show them it’s possible through representation. Each figure will have different careers, gender, and race (no 2 will be the same); showing children that no matter how they may appear their dreams are possible.

This is a set of 30 figures each with a different career (Artist, Construction Worker, Astronaut, etc.). These Guidecraft block figures are made of solid wood, they are double-sided with extreme attention to detail on the artwork, and have a base to prevent them from falling over. Each one has their own story, now you and your children just need to figure out what each of their stories are.

Recommended for children ages 3 years and up