Guidecraft Treasure Tubes – Primary



Let your children explore the world and keep anything that discover or their “treasures” in fun tubes for safe keeping. Guidecraft treasure tubes Keeps their treasures in these tubes will make it so your child can observe them whenever they want to. So small toys, marbles, leaves and more that they are fascinated by in these treasure tubes.

-The tops are flat so that the tubes will keep any objects inside secured and they are easy to remove. Flat Tops also allows the tubes to be stacked on top of each other.

-The tubes themselves will safely store anything your child discovers while the colors will teach kids about about colors and light activities. They can also learn about different sounds if they shake or rattle the tubes.

-Please avoid keeping wet materials in the tubes as they may cause mold.

-The smallest tube dimensions are 3in diameter by 3.5in high

-The largest tube dimensions are 3in diameter by 5in high

-Recommended for children ages 3 years and older