Guidecraft Texo® – 100 pc. set



You are given a set of wood planks, plastic rods, and plastic connectors; what can you build with them?

There is no wrong answer to this question. On the surface this Toy may not seem like much, but with some imagination you can create anything with these simple tools. With this Texo set a child can start doing easy to make structures, then the more they play with this toy they will learn how to make harder designs. Your children are going to use the planks, rods, and connectors to create new structures and designs that only they can imagine with the strange shapes.

A step by step instruction guide will also be included to hep kids with this transition, by starting with easy puzzles and then slowly build up to the more complicated designs. However, eventually your child might not need this guide to make new structures.

Texo Toys are award winning for the way they help to encourage architecture skills in children at a young age. It will help a kid to learn about making skyscrapers, hospitals, and bridges.

Recommended for children 3 years and up