Guidecraft PowerClix® Frames Natural – 74 pc. set



Let kids have fun while they learn STEM applications and other fine motor skills, with this open-ended magnetic toy.

The PowerClix Clear are a 74 piece set of magnetic frames that can be easily connected to form 2D & 3D structures from your your child’s imagination. Children will imagine any structure in their head and then bring to life the wireframe structures flawlessly.

This is a set made of 8 different shapes that can click ‘n connected in an endless number of combinations to create any structures children can come up with. The shapes are natural colors (inspired by nature), to encourage natural play with light & color exploration. Incase your children need inspiration, a creativity guide will be included. The Storage box has a built-in metal plate to give children a base to build on and for easy clean up when they are done.

The Geometric shapes are made from Translucent ABS plastic, with neodymium magnets.

Recommended for children ages 4 years and older