Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Boxes Set of 6



Observe the objects laying inside the boxes, then unlock the box to take the object out.

Children will match 1 of the 6 shapes with its matching lock box based on their shape and colors. To view inside the box look through the the colored acrylic window on the bottom of the box. Each lock box has a different lock, to challenge your kids problem solving abilities and finger dexterity as they unlock the boxes. The shapes are easy to grasp and fit easy into their matching boxes cutout.

The boxes and shapes are made from plywood while the locks are made from brass & metal hardware.

This set of 6 shapes and 6 lock boxes will teach kids to recognize colors, shapes, and spatial relationships; while they develop skills related to problem solving, finger dexterity and fine motor.

Dimensions of each lock box are 15.75in by 10.75in by 4.5in

Recommended for children ages 2 years and older