Guidecraft Jumbo Geo Lacing



Kids will learn how to create new patterns using these 3 extra large geo lacing boards (Circle, Square, and Triangle) and the multiple colored laces. Guidecraft wants to teach children to improve their sequencing and fine-motor skills. The kit comes with 3 guides to help your children to help start lacing simple designs and teach them more complicated ones as they advance, soon they’ll be able to come up with their own fun designs. The jumbo size of these boards makes them extra durable to any damage your children may cause. This is good for single play and small parties.

Recommend for kids 3 years old and up

Dimensions of boards:

  • Circle 13in Di by 1.25in D

  • Square 14in by 14in by 1.25in

  • Triangle 16in by 14in by 1.25in