Forget about arm fatigue, here is a new way to keep your phone steady and snap more selfies.

Take best selfies with this gripping ring that you can attach to the back of your iPhone 12 and it will hold onto the frame of your phone without slipping out. It’s an easy way to use the phone without straining your thumb. Now your phone can comfortably fit in your hand and can be angled or extended to achieve the perfect distance between you and your phone. It is considered a valuable and very useful solution for those who are always dropping their cell phones or for those with limited mobility due to its secure grip. The tension of the grip can be adjusted to fit your unique needs. Swipe your phone on and off with ease. No more struggle taking your iPhone out of your pocket, no fumbles, or dropping it.

Give Flexi Magnetic Gripper a shot and it’s uniquely engineered design lets you grip it easily and take perfect selfies anytime, every time.


    • This is a proven phone grabber that fits iPhone 12.
    • This accessory can make your phone stand upright.
    • You can take better selfies with it.
    • You can easily put it on and take it off.
    • It comes in a pouch for safekeeping.