Disney Pixar Toy Story Slinky Dog Mood Light | Slinky Dog Mood Lamp | 12 Inches



We all know the classic toy story characters like Woody and Buzz Lightyear, but some toy story characters have built their fan base. Slinky dog debuted in the first toy story 1995, and has become a fan favorite among many kids & adults. The toy story dog was always had been used for lifting the mood in some serious scenes and he’s now lifting the mood in your life.

Now this toy story dog is a 12in long LED mood lamp, and is always a joy to have around the home.

-The Slinky Dog LED Lamp is easy to operate with the simple touch of a button, and he runs on 3 AAA (not included)

-Slinky the toy story dog will transition between 3 colors Blue, Red, and Green; these lights will fill up any space you put his LED Lamp

Any Toy story fan knows how loyal Slinky dog is to friends, that loyalty mixed with his fun exterior makes for a great character. Now you can have that loyal companion by your side day and night.

Pixar films like Toy story are loved by kids and makes adults feel like they’re kids again. Now we can all have a piece of Toy story memorabilia in our rooms to keep our moods up.

So next time you watch a Pixar movie turn off all the lights, shut the blinds on your window, and on your slinky dog LED lamp and let him help you get lost in the magical world created by Pixar entertainment.