DeLorean DMC (Time Machine) Silver "Back to the Future Part I" (1985) Movie "Hollywood Rides" Series 1/32 Diecast Model Car by Jada



Let’s go back in time, to the premier of one of the most famous movies in history. On July 3rd 1985 Back to the future premiered in the U.S, Back to the future part ii on November 22 1989, and Back to the future part iii on May 25 1990. If you seen any of these 3 movies then you know about the the back to the future car is a time traveling DeLorean. The Back to the future cast, Marty McFly & Doc Brown, would use this car to mess up and then save history.

BRAND NEW IN BOX!!  Jada diecast model cars “Hollywood Rides” have created a 1/32 scale diecast model (with some plastic parts) of the famous DeLorean DMC Time Machine from Back to the future. The diecast model cars are detailed inside & out to match Doc Brown’s DeLorean, doors are fully functioning, and it has authentic rubber tires. Please be Aware that the manufacturer may change the packing at any time, but the diecast model car will always remain the same.

This diecast car in 5.25in long, also this diecast car does not actually travel through time.