Chevy Big Block L89 Tri-Power Turbo Jet 427 Engine Model 1/6 Diecast Replica by Liberty Classics



BRAND NEW IN BOX!! Liberty Classic diecast cars has created a diecast model engine from a Chevy Big Block L89 Tri-Power Turbo Jet 427 (with some plastic parts). This officially licensed diecast engine is highly detailed to be an authentic replica engine of the Tri-Power Turbo Jet (first introduced in the late 1960’s) 427 cubic inch displacement & horse power of 435. The diecast engine has a high performance ignition system due to it’s plated ignition shield, full ignition wiring, and plated valve covers.

The parts of this diecast model jet engine are functioning, so parts like the crankshaft, pulleys, pulley belts, fan and alternator are pulled turned by using the flywheel gear that’s driven by the motor gear. Parts like the plated air filter can be removed by turning out a miniature wing nut to reveal three highly detailed Holley carburetors, fuel lines, and hoses. The major components will contain a factory part number, that match to the Jet model of that year.

Dimensions are 5.75in by 5in by 4.625in