BomBom Bubbles Magic Gloves Dual Pack | Create An Unpoppable Bubble Experience



Gone are the days of simply dipping your bubble wands into the bottle and blowing small bubbles. Here to reshape the way you create your bubble magic is BomBom’s Super Miracle Bubble Solution! Create some of the largest and most resilient bubbles you’ve ever seen! Together with the magical gloves, you can manipulate these bubbles like never before! For hours of bubble magic, grab your BomBom bubble gloves and a friend! Together you can toss, catch, and even perform fun bubble tricks anywhere!

Nothing spells fun quite like doubling down on BomBom’s bubble solution and Magic Gloves! This set of bubble accessories includes two 4-ounce bottles of solution as well as two pairs of Magic Gloves! Turn on the bubble magic by soaking your gloves in the Super Miracle Bubble Solution and suddenly, any bubble activity becomes a game with your friends! Grab the bubbles, throw them, even perform some fun tricks! There’s no limit to what you can imagine with these pop-resistant bubbles! Start the fun and grab your set of magic bubbles today!