A bluetooth speaker and a flashlight that you can clip onto your bike for when go for a bike ride or place it in your bag for when you go for a walk.

-As you ride your bike you can use the bluetooth feature to play music from your phone or take important phone calls. You could also use it as an MP3 player by inserting a TF memory card with music preinstalled on it.

-It is easy to attach to your bike and easier to remove and is water proof so it can last in strong rain.

-Comes ready with a bike mount for easy mounting on the bike handlebar and can be easily attached and taken off your bike for if you need to remove it.

-It has a rechargeable battery that can can last a straight 4 to 6 hours of non-stop use.

-If you’re somebody who likes to ride at night then the built-in LED light will light your way, in order to keep you and everyone around you safe.

So ride your bike day or night with the knowledge that you’ll have your favorite songs to keep you going and a strong light to protect you.