"Batman: The Animated Series" Diorama Scene Set of 4 Diecast Figurines "Nano Hollywood Rides" Diecast Models by Jada



Batman The Animate Series (BTAS) is often referred as the best batman cartoon in history. With its flush out characters of both heroes & villains making feel for both sides and care what happens to them.

NEW IN BOX!! Jada “Nano Hollywood rides” has created an officially licensed set of 4 character figures from BTAS (All made from diecast metal) with a height ranging from 2in to 2.25in.

The 4 figure are Batman The Animated Series fan favorites

-Batman (the star of the show, the dark knight, and protector of Gotham city)

-Robin (Batman’s sidekick, the boy wonder, and occasionally love interest to batgirl)

-The Joker (Batman’s arch nemesis, the clown prince of crime, and most feared person in Gotham city)

-Harley Quinn (Joker’s on again/off again Girlfriend, psychologist, and a mixture of fun with danger)

This Batman 90s cartoon is loved by everyone to this very day, no matter when you might’ve been born. These Jada toy figures would be great any batman collector to have or a good anybody to who likes batman in general. Please be aware that the manufacturer may change the packaging at any time, but the product will always remain the same.