"Batman" (1966-1968) Classic TV Series 3 piece Set "Nano Hollywood Rides" Diecast Models by Jada




Commissioner Gorder is calling you on the bat-phone and he needs batman’s help in order to stop the joker. The Joker has created his own of transportation and he calls it The Jokermobile With his new ride Joker is committing bank heist all across Gotham, escaping before the police can arrive. Now The Joker is challenging Batman to race around Gotham, can ’66 Batman beat The Joker? or will Joker have a cheat trick up his sleeve?

BRAND NEW IN BOX (Blister Pack)!! Jada diecast cars “Nano Hollywood Rides” has created 3 miniature model diecast cars (with some plastic parts) of 3 different cars seen in the Adam West batman 1966 show.  All cars are detailed to match the appearance of the cars from the show, they range in length from 1in to 1.65in. Please be aware that the manufacturer may change the packaging at any time, but the product will always remain the same.

The included diecast model cars are

-The 1966 Batmobile

-The Batcycle

-The Jokermobile