Avatar: The Last Airbender Aang Figure Garden Gnerd Gnome Statue | 8 Inches



Water…, Earth…, Fire…, and Air

Avatar Aang recognizes his responsibility to master all 4 elements, in order to bring balance to both human and spirit worlds. However, this can be a lot of pressure for kid (even if that kid is 112 years old), so every now and then Aang needs time to unwind and have fun. One of Aangs favorite activities is riding around on his air scooter, with a goofy smile on his face.

This 8 inch tall Avatar the last Airbender statue of Aang on his air scooter represents how fun and goofy this show could be at times. Place on the stake to help Aang to keep his balance on his air scooter. If you can’t find room for Aang and his signature air scooter don’t worry, because Statue can be as a garden accessory for your lawn. This Avatar The Last Airbender Statue is made of durable PVC plastic so it endure outside circumstances, just like how Aang can with stand any fire bending attacks that is flung at him. This statue will put a smile like Aangs, onto the face of fan of Avatar The Last Airbender.