Activa Smart Watch For Goal Setters (BLACK)



Why should pay hundreds of dollars for an apple smart watch, when you could get a watch with similar features for a fraction of the cost?

The Activa Smart Watch is one of the best smart watches for any athlete. It has a Heart Rate Monitor Blood pressure detection and Blood oxygen detection. It also keeps track of calories burned, Steps taken, and distance walked. This will give it insight into easy to view trends based on your personal health data.

-With the bluetooth (supports bluetooth of 4.0 & higher) feature you can take phone calls or play music straight from your phone so while you’re exercising. You can read and respond to text messages. You will also have access to Facebook, Twitter, SMS, & more. As far as your phone is concerned this smart watch is compatible with IOS 9.0 & above, also compatible with android 4.4 & above (with a free app). You can even set the smart watch on vibrate to ensure you don’t miss any calls.

-It will display the current Date & Time just like any other smart watch. Has a sleep time screen. It also has a soft alarm clock so don’t miss your morning run, but when you are sleeping the the watch will monitor & keep track of your sleeping quality.

-The Activa Smart Watch is waterproof (IP67) so it will work even if you ever chose to work out in the intense rain

-Screen size is 1.92in by 1.35in by 0.46in and has a 240 by 240 resolution. The Bracelet holding the screen is made of plastic

-Has a battery icon to let you know and if the screen is ever too bright you can adjust the brightness to fit your eyes comfort level. Battery has 180 mAh with 1.5 hours of charge time.

Even if you’re not a fitness person these features make the Activa smart watch a perfect tool for every day use.