100pcs 7cm Fun Soft Plastic Ocean Ball Swim Pit Toys Baby Kids Toys Colorful



100 high quality plastic Ocean Balls have no smell and hare non-toxic making them 100% safe for all kids to play with. They are designed to last long without losing air; because of their quality, smooth seam/surface and thickness. These brightly colored balls will promote physical activities and improves your children’s hand-eye coordination. They are meant to be played with inside and outside, they. These balls are an even mix of Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, , Red and Yellow. Each ball should have a diameter of 2.76in, while weighing in at less than 1 ounce each. Ocean balls ASTM-certified, so you know that they are environmentally.

So, dump the Ocean Balls inside of a ball pit, a tent, or mini pool for child to swim around. You can also use Ocean Balls to teach kids how to juggle. No matter where you chose to place your set of Ocean Balls or however your kids will use them, your kids will always have a fun time while secretly learning about their colors.