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For some people gift giving comes naturally and other people have a harder time figuring out what to give. Sometimes the hardest part of gift giving is that the person seems impossible to shop for. You could just give them a gift card or cash, but that doesn’t have a personal touch like a gift that shows how well you know a person.

If you can’t find a present that you think a certain person will like, think about the past year you  had with this person. Take a moment to think about any conversations that you had with this person, a conversation that stands out to you. Why did this conversation stand out and what was it about? Also did you have a similar conversation? The conversations would give a clue as to what this person might like. 

If you can’t think of a specific conversation or event that you had with this person, then give them an experience to talk about. Sometimes the perfect gift isn’t so much a physical object, but an experience that you can give or even share with that person. Maybe you can give them tickets to see their favorite magician live on stage, or sign them up to go swimming with dolphins. Give them something they haven’t done before. Maybe they’ll like or maybe they won’t, but it’ll be something new in their lives that you can introduce them too. 

Nobody says Gift Giving is an easy task, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. So this holiday season just take sometime and reflect on the year that you had with whoever you’re shopping for. Who knows maybe the perfect gift for them is the most obvious one.