42! 37! 14! HIKE HIKE!

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I know nothing about football or any other sports, those numbers above I have no clue what they mean. I don’t know the terms, rules, teams, and I am the worst when it comes to the actual players. If you’re half as bad as I am then you are confused at least once during any game you go to or see on Television. Yet, you still find yourself enjoying them, why is that?

Just because we don’t know much about sports doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them. Whether we’re getting dirty on the fields or sitting in the bleachers rooting for the appropriate team, any sports related is only as good when you’re with the right people. The same reason you see people BBQing in the parking lot of stadiums it’s not just about the food or the event itself because of the people you’re with make any event 10x better. 

If you’re with your family, it’s all about the time you’re spending with them. If  you ever feel alone then for a few hours you’re surrounded by hundreds of people who share the same interest as you. The point is hat like any other activity sports are meant to bring people together through friendly competition. And of course we all  just love doing the wave.